In 2019, after purchasing the house in Mae Pa, that we had been renting, I embarked on a massive project to erect a concrete platform supported by 4 x 5 metre concrete posts. The platform would be accessable through the roof from a staircase in the front of the house. A roll-off roof would provide protection from the Sun but without walls making it vulnerable to wet conditions. However, as I mainly visit Thailand in the dry winter months, a semi-permanent set-up is possible and I cover the scope and mount in the daytime with an all weather scope cover. The OTA is a 10 inch OPT RC on a Paramount MYT and an ATS Portable Pier. I image with a ZWO ASI071MC Pro CMOS and guide with a 60 mm F/4.5 guide scope and ZWO 273 CMOS camera.