I bought my very first scope back in 1992 while I was living and working in north western Thailand. It was a 10 inch Meade LX-200. I constructed a very basic roll-off roof on concrete slabs sitting on top of my upstairs balcony. It leaked in the rainy season and caused a bit of stress during the rainy season but it got me hooked. A 4 inch refractor, a Takahashi FSQ-106, soon complemented the SCT.

Now I have In 2017, I constructed a large concrete platform on top of four 5 metre high pylons and access is by walking upstairs and through the roof to the back end of the house looking north. During the dry season in December, I leave my scope (now a 10-inch TPO R-C) set up for the duration of my visit with a simple perspex roll off roof to protect the scope from the sun.


In 2003, I moved back to Australia and was based in Darwin, N.T., first in the suburbs of Darwin and then Howard Springs on a 3 acre property, some 35 km from Darwin. I created a permanent set up with a 3.5 metre Sirius fibreglass dome now housing a Meade 14 inch SCT and the FSQ-106 on a SW Bisque Paramount and ATS portable pier.

I moved again in 2006 to Exmouth WA to take up a position as Space Weather Scientist. The Sirius Observatory was relocated and stood under remarkable skies for the next five years.

Forced to retire in 2012 after a catastrophic bicycle collision, I relocated for the last time to a 5 acre property in Federal, NSW in the Byron Bay hinterland.