I bought my very first scope back in 1992 while I was living and working in north western Thailand. It was a 10 inch Meade LX-200. I constructed a very basic roll-off roof on top of my upstairs balcony. It leaked whenever it rained and caused a bit of stress during the monsoon season but it got me hooked. A 4 inch refractor, a Takahashi FSQ-106, soon complemented the SCT and I have it to this day.

 In 2017, I constructed a large concrete platform on top of four 5 metre high pylons and access is by walking upstairs and through the roof to the back end of the house looking north. During the dry season in December, I leave my scope (now a 10-inch open truss TPO R-C) set up for the duration of my visit with a simple perspex roll off roof to protect the scope from the sun.


In 2003, I moved back to Australia and located to Darwin, N.T., first in the suburbs of Darwin and then Howard Springs on a 3 acre property, some 35 km from Darwin. I created a permanent set up with a 3.5 metre Sirius fibreglass dome now housing a Meade 14 inch LX-200R SCT and the FSQ-106 on a SW Bisque Paramount and ATS portable pier.

I moved again in 2006 to Exmouth WA to take up a position as Space Weather Scientist at the Learmonth Solar Observatory. The Sirius Observatory was again relocated and stood under remarkable skies for the next five years.

Forced to retire in 2012 after a catastrophic bicycle collision, I relocated for the last time to a 5 acre property in Federal, NSW in the Byron Bay hinterland. Here I erected a Pier Tech 10' x 20' roll-off roof observatory housing a Takahashi TOA-150 and Sky-90 on a SW Bisque MX mount and a 12.5" Planewave CDK and Takahashi FSQ-106 on a ASA DDM 85 mount, both on ATS permanent piers.

My main CCD cameras are a SBIG STT8300, SBIG STL-11000, and a ZWO ASI071MC Pro.

I use The SkyX Pro as my planetarium software and mount control along with Sequence Generator Pro. Image processing is now done exclusively with PixInsight.

My location in Federal, in the Byron Bay hinterland has a subtropical climate but with a Bortle 2 sky when its clear.