Tragobuk - Junbesi (2,700m asl)
Day 3 5.12.22

It was only a 90 minute walk into the delightful village of Junbesi with its active monasteries, cobbled paths and brightly painted homes and shops.

We have met no other trekkers today and so we are to ourselves again in our Junbesis Valley Guest House. It has an invitingly warm sunroom, flush toilets, wifi and a large room with three beds. Having arrived by 11 am, we could do some washing and relax. We went for a short walk through one of the monasteries and later watched a World Cup match, Japan vs Croatia.

Prices have risen yet again to over 10,500 rp but it did include a beer! Our money, however, is thinning fast despite being just a few days into the trek so we need to take care.