Taksindu - Kari Khola (2050m asl)
Day 5. 7.12.22

We got an early start for a long day to be on the track by 8am but did not finish till 4:30pm. It was a big day with a very long descent to Jubing, crossing the Dudh Khola. Loose rocks made for difficult descending. My right knee was giving me grief but I had less of the muscle soreness from yesterday, After lunch and crossing the long suspension bridge and on up to Jubing, we had a steep ascent to the top of the ridge and along it to Kari Khola which was thick with overhead cloud. Despite passing a few trekkers on their return , we seem to be the only ones in Kari Khola. We had been attempting to get to Bupsa but are glad to be stopping here. I heard barking deers and saw some pheasants but their seems to be few birds. Mia has a sore knee so she has taken some ibuprofen. Playing cards in the evening with our two Nepali companions has passed the time and been fun.