Machhermo - Gokyo (4750m asl)
Day 13. 15.12.22

I had a better night sleeping though I still had to pee four times through the night as the effects of the Diamox was still wearing off. By morning I was moaning again and very cold. I had not used my sleeping bag but two thick quilts which clearly was a mistake. It was a four hour walk up to Gokyo and we left a little later on account of my miserable condition. It was a stiff ascent out of Machhermo but the rest of the way was a fairly gentle climb, following the river closely, first passing a small lake, then a larger lake with a film of ice forming on it and finally lake number 3 and the hamlet of Gokyo perched on its shoreline. The lakes were a brilliant turquoise, icy, and surrounded by mountain peaks. I tried making a nightscape with my small Lumix camera but it was so cold and dark that I could only fumble at the controls and only managed a very mediocre starry image.