Bhandar – Sete (2575m ASL)
DAY 1 3.12.22

We begin our trek to Gokyo from the final bus stop at Bhandar, an exhausting 12 hour bus ride from Kathmandu. I am joined by my wife, Oo, and daughter, Mia. About 8 hours walking, initially down and then up, up, steep up! We stopped at Kinja for lunch but Mia already has stomach cramps. I purchased some buscopan for the cramps and started her on that. We continued walking after 1 pm and reached Sete four hours after. We are all tired and sore but no injuries. Ganesh, our porter also happens to be a licensed guide and unhappy to be carrying two packs which he constantly reminds us of. I promised him we’d find a way to offload some gear once we reach Namche and that we’d also carry more between us. I’ve discovered that Mia has more clothes than she needs but it’s difficult to turf stuff that was expensive to buy. More of a problem is that her boots are beginning to disintegrate. Once we reach Namche Bazaar I will be looking for a new pair of boots for her plus some thermals for me as I left my pants in Bhandar. Tonight we are staying in a very comfortable teahouse in Sete that has a pot belly fireplace in the living room, wifi and tv. It just so happens that a FIFA match is on tonight: Australia vs Argentina at 12:30 pm. Mia is really excited to be able to watch it. It does make tomorrow’s planned walk to Junbesi look doubtful if we don’t get adequate rest as it will be a long and difficult day, especially with Mia’s continued stomach pains.