In November 2015 my family and I walked the Annapurna Circuit, one of the world's great treks, over 20 days. Despite my youngest daughter being only 7 years old, she walked the entire distance apart from getting carried over Thorung La Pass that tops out at 5416 metres.
The shear variety on this trek makes it a truly unique walking experience. This was also the first time that we engaged the services of a local guide and two porters and it made for a much more pleasurable experience where we also formed a lasting friendship with our English-speaking guide that continues to this day.
What follows are a collection of images, not in chronological order, that show some of the majesty of this amazing environment. Being a sizeable group, an inevitable trade-off was for less opportunities for cultural exchange and interaction with local people but I am forever grateful that I could involve my family in an epic journey.