Toona ciliata - Red Cedar
Family: Meliaceae

Deciduous tree over 15m.
Beautiful pink red new growth in Spring.
Prized timber, being soft, durable and scented, from early European settlement leading to the disappearance of the larger trees such that huge trees of over 40m are rarely seen.
The flaky bark and narrow buttresses are distinctive.
The long pinnate leaves have up to 20 dark green leaflets, each with an asymmetric base and small hairy domatia along the midrib below.
In winter the foliage yellows and falls but within a few weeks new pink shoots appear.
Long sprays of white flowers in summer are quickly followed by teardrop-shaped capsules which split star-wise, releasing many winged seeds.
The tree is common in moist rainforests on better soils at altitudes up to 1000m.

Often attacked by the Red Cedar Tip Moth.
Healthy seeds, collected in summer when the capsules start to burst, germinate in days.