Syzgium moorei - Durroby/Coolamon/Rose Apple
Family: Myrtaceae

Ornamental and vulnerable rainforest tree over 15m.
Very dense foliage.
Clusters of pink flowers on the trunk and every available branch.
The large white fruits are crisp but barely edible and usually infested with grubs.
Its large leathery leaves have distinctive red stalks.
Bird attracting.
It is generally found in pitifully small subtropical rainforest remnants, always in the lowland and often on poorer soils.

Plenty of humus, water and high-nitrogen manures are needed to maintain dark green leaf colour and steady growth.
Flowering may not begin for 10 years and then only intermittently.
Fruits are best collected before reaching maturity and the seeds soaked before sowing.
They germinate in a few weeks.

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