Streblus brunonianus - Whalebone Tree
Family: Moraceae

This graceful and weeping tree has distinctive bark longitudinally lined with small pale lenticels.
Commonly seen in warmer subtropical, dry and riverine rainforest up to 900m asl.
Exceptional specimens have been recorded to 30m in height but rarely above 15m.
A small amount of white sap seeps from wounded stems.
The shiny sandpapery leaves are usually toothed, and vary greatly in size and shape.
Young leaves can be very narrow and elongated with exaggerated lobes at the base.
The yellow or red fruits are edible and contain one round seed.
It sometimes resembles Rough-leaved Elm which can occur in the same sites but which has stiffer and pricklier leaves and rough flaky grey bark.

Seeds germinate reliably but fruits are hard to find as birds love them.

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