Senna acclinis - Brush Senna
Family: Fabaceae

It is an endangered shrub with pinnate leaves and bright golden yellow flowers in groups of two to five and long, narrow seed pods.
It is similar to other species of Senna that are environmental weeds.
It typically grows to a height of 3m .
Its leaves are pinnate, up to 150 mm long on a petiole 20–40 mm long, with 5-7 pairs of broadly elliptic leaflets up to 50 mm long and 15 mm wide.
There is a gland between the lower one to four pairs of leaflets.
From 2-5 bright golden yellow flowers are arranged on a peduncle, each flower with ten fertile stamens, the anthers usually of unequal lengths .
Flowering occurs in spring and summer the fruit is a more or less flat pod 120–150 mm long and 6–8 mm wide that ripens in summer and autumn.