Scolopia braunii - Flintwood
Family: Flacourtiaceae

A small tree up to 25m though often only 5-8m.
Its shiny and often oddly angled or diamond-shaped leaves are red-russet when new.
Sharp spines on young plants are hidden in the foliage at the base of a leaf and sometimes are retained on the old woody stems.
Scented white or yellow flowers, their many stamens on pink or white filaments, project in short clusters along the branchlets.
Fruits are pointed-globular, in multi-coloured red, yellow, purple and black bunches.
They sometimes contain 1-6 pale angular seeds but are often seedless.
It grows in many moist and dry rainforests at altitudes up to 1000m.

A slow grower.
The fruits attract numerous birds.
Seed is hard to find and germinate; cuttings are more reliable.