Pittosporum undulatum - Sweet Pittosporum
Family: Pittosporaceae

This beautiful tree perfumes the immediate vicinity with its white flowers in spring.
The long-lasting orange capsules contain sticky dark red seeds that adhere to bird's bills and becomes widely dispersed.
The shiny undulate leaves are clustered at the branchlet ends, almost in whorls, and have a characteristic aromatic smell when crushed.
It can grow to 20m or more but is most often seen as a regrowth shrub or small tree up to 10m.
Can be a weed in some areas due to its ability to invade unburnt sclerophyll areas.
Natural distribution is rainforest of all types.

It looks best if planted in full sun and not fed too much forcing it to stay bushy.
Black scale and stem borers can sometimes be a problem.
The seeds can be separated by rubbing in sand prior to sowing with cuttings striking well.