Mischocarpus pyriformis - Yellow Pear Fruit
Family: Sapindaceae

Beautiful rainforest tree over 8m in the open but up to 18m in forest conditions.
Ornamental bright yellow pear-shaped fruits.
Scented cream flowers.
Bird attracting.

Large conspicuous panicles of scented flowers appear at the ends of the branchlets.
The orange capsules develop in early summer, their red aril completely enclosing the black seed.
The leaves have 4-9 dark stiff leaflets, glossy above and dull underneath.
Both leaves and leaflets have a conspicuous bump at the base of each stalk.
The foliage forms a dense and attractive crown which casts a heavy shade.
It occurs widely in littoral, riverine, dry or subtropical rainforest.

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Seed must be sown as soon as the capsules open and germinates quickly.