Melia azedarach - White Cedar
Family: Meliaceae

Ornamental deciduous tree over 10m.
Fern-like foliage, yellow in autumn.
Mauve-scented flowers.
Bird attracting, particularly forest pigeons.
It occurs in all rainforest types below 900m, particularly in drier areas.
Used extensively for fodder, medicines, pesticides and timber.
The lacy foliage is very beautiful and turns yellow before falling in autumn.
Masses of chocolate-scented purple flowers occur with great regularity and are followed by yellow fleshy fruits which hang on for most of the winter when the tree is leafless.
The trunk is straight and finely fissured.

28.02.20 x3

Handles most soils and exposures.
Fruits are toxic to mammals.
Prone to early defoliation in autumn due to caterpillar attack.
Seed germinates a few months after the ridged stone inside the fruit is sown.