Linospadix monostachya - Walking Stick Palm
Family: Arecaceae

Palm to 3m.
Distinctly ringed trunk.
Tiny greenish-white flowers on long spikes, winter to spring.
Edible red fruit to 10mm on spikes.

Long strings of fruits are produced each autumn on this elegant palm.
The edible flesh is sweet with a peppery aftertaste.
The slender stem has been used  as a strong flexible walking stick with a decorative hand grip formed from the pared root crown.
It rarely grows taller than 2m and retains a very slender appealing habit with an umbrella-like crown of weeping fronds.
It grows in subtropical, warm-temperate and sometimes cool-temperate rainforest, usually in moist or temporarily water-logged soils and often with Bangalow Palms.

Shade, water and plenty of organic matter are essential.
Fresh seed germinates reliably but slowly, taking up to 12 months.

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