Jagera pseudorrhus - Foambark
Family: Sapindaceae

Beautiful tree over 10m.
Fern-like foliage.
Red new growth.
Yellow flowers, orange fruit capsules.
Bird attracting.

The bark contains a high concentration of saponin, a frothing compound, and was used by various Aboriginal groups as a fish poison. All parts of the tree produce foam if agitated in water.
The umbrella-shaped crown with its ferny weeping foliage is very beautiful and easily recognized.
The fine leaflets are toothed with var. psudorhus.
When immature, the fruits are bright maroon, changing to golden-brown with age, and covered with fine, penetrating hairs.
Inside the 3-lobed capsule are 3 black seeds with small yellow arils.
The tree is found in warmer coastal rainforests on better soils.