Guioa semiglauca - Guioa/Wild Quince
Family: Sapindaceae

Fast growing and common pioneer tree, 8-10m but up 18m in richer soils.
Grey/green underside of leaves.
Clusters of flattened capsules which attract birds.
A habit of producing several trunks, or branches low on the trunk, plus a tendency to brittleness results in the appearance of half-felled trees after severe storms.
Compound leaves which alternate with 2-6 blunt leaflets.
These have a tiny point on the tip and a distinctive grey-green underside.
Every few years small yellow-green flowers occur in dense bunches in late spring, followed in summer by clusters of three-lobed, flattened capsules.
The dark seeds are enclosed in acid-juicy orange arils.
The smooth grey bark is usually decorated with bold lichen patterns.
Hardy and bird enticing.

For rapid germination, seeds need to be fresh, soaked overnight to drown insects and then removed from the capsules.