Glochidion sumatranum - Umbrella Cheese Tree
Family: Phyllanthaceae/Euphorbiaceae

Fast growing tree to 15m.
Yellow flowers with cheese-like fruits.
Ideal for bank stabilizing.
Bird attracting.

The common name of this tree refers to its umbrella-shaped canopy when young, and to its small seed capsules, shaped like round cheeses.
These capsules, ripe in December, contain angular orange seeds.
The tree's attractiveness lies in its shining leaves and graceful habit.
Young plants  have long weeping shoots, which soon branch out to form dense foliage, often retained to the ground.
Old trees may grow to 30m in height  but most are 10-15m, or lower in the open.
The species is widespread on the margins of the warmer lowland and littoral rainforests.
Wet soils in palm forest and swamps are favoured habitat.

Growth rates of 2-3m in the first year make this a useful early regeneration tree.
Cuttings strike easily, as does fresh seed.