Ehretia acuminata - Koda
Family: Boraginaceae

Hardy, fast growing rainforest tree.
Ideal for regeneration.
Sweetly scented flowers in Spring followed by large quantities of yellow fruits eaten by birds.
The sweet tasting yellow berries, produced in great quantities in autumn, are eaten by many rainforest-dependent birds, such as the large fruit pigeons.
In spring, small sweetly scented flowers form in dense white panicles at the branchlet tips.
At that time the fresh new leaves also start to sprout after the winter leaf loss.
The leaves are simple and finely toothed, thin and light green.
Most trees are under 20m.
It occurs in dry to very wet rainforests at altitudes up to 1100m.

Flowering and fruiting do not occur annually and the foliage is not particularly handsome or colourful, however, Koda is fast growing and hardy.
The hard hemispherical seeds, two in each fruit, germinate quickly.