Cupaniopsis parvifolia - Small-Leaved Tuckeroo
Family: Sapindaceae

Dense bushy tree 5-8m.
Dense spreading crown.
Orange fruits.
Ideal shade tree.
Butterfly and bird attracting.

The shiny dark foliage is made up of alternate leaves with 6-8 fairly thin leaflets.
They have a pale midrib and usually a distinct notch at the end.
The flowers are very small.
Females develop into yellow 3-lobed capsules with lumpy skins.
When ripe in summer they display black seeds partially covered with a smooth orange aril.
Fruit production is sparse and seed is sometimes devoured by the larvae of the Cornelian butterfly.
This tuckeroo is found in drier rainforests and vine thickets and usually away from the sea.

Water and fertilizer are necessary to push though slow growth when young.
Fresh seed for germination must be soaked overnight to kill larvae.