Cupaniopsis newmanii - Long-Leaved Tuckeroo
Family: Sapindaceae

Ornamental rainforest tree to 5m.
Rare and only occurs in northern NSW.
Its habitat is usually cool gullies in subtropical and warm-temperate rainforest.
The large compound leaves with their many-toothed leaflets are glossy and very striking.
Brilliant new growth is covered in dense soft hairs and changes through shades of red, pink and brown before maturing to dark green.
Usually a single slender crooked stem supports the bushy crown.
The pink flowers hanging in long panicles are just as beautiful as the bright rosy-pink velvet-covered fruit capsules.
Shiny black seeds, usually three, are each enclosed in a yellow aril.
Slender stem with bushy crown.

Soil should be humus rich.
Fresh seed, removed from the capsule and soaked in water to drown insect larvae, readily germinates.

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