Cinnamomum oliveri - Oliver's Sassafras
Family: Lauraceae

Sassafras-scented and ripple-edged leaves are limp and pale green when young.
They are usually opposite, with a pale waxy undersurface and distinct oil dots.
Can grow up to 30m, with a characteristic bark ridged with longitudinal lines of corky bumps.
The small creamy flowers are fragrant, followed by fleshy dark blue or black oval fruits seated in a little cup.
Healthy fruits are often outnumbered by peculiar large round galled fruits.
This laurel occurs at all altitudes up to 1100m in moist rainforest and adjacent sclerophyll forest, often in poorer soils, and in drier rainforests close to streams.

Slender, spindly and slow growing at first, it eventually thickens and becomes a very handsome tree, or large dense bush if pruned.
Seeds are hard to come by since reproduction occurs only in 'mast' years of mass fruiting.
The seeds germinate readily but the flesh must be peeled off prior to sowing.