Brachychiton discolor - Lacebark Tree
Family: Sterculiaceae

Ornamental tree 10-20m.
Loses leaves prior to flowering in spring and early summer.
The large felty pink flowers drop soon after opening and carpet the ground, but they are so profuse, particularly in dry years, that the tree is coloured for weeks.The seeds from the stiffly hairy boat-shaped follicles can be roasted and eaten.
Large dark leaves, with 307 pointed lobes and a softly hairy pale undersurface, form a rounded and often emergent canopy reaching over 30m.
The trunk is cylindrical or slightly swollen with a hollow sound when tapped.
Its fissured bark, greenish in the cracks, appears delicately lacy.
This tree is seen commonly in drier rainforests, often with Hoop Pine.
Natural hybrids occur with the Flame Tree and with Brush Kurrajong.

Lacebark is beautiful in flower or leaf and hardy.
The seeds store well and germinate readily, especially if pre-soaked.