Brachychiton acerifolium - Flame Tree
Family: Sterculiaceae

Stunning ornamental tree.
Turns red with masses of glossy bell-shaped flowers in Spring.
Bright green glossy leaves.
Bird attracting.

Probably the most widely known rainforest tree in Australia due to its bright red conspicuous flowers.
It can be found in wet and dry rainforests to 1000m.
Prior to a heavy flowering, which occurs only every few years, most leaves are dropped.
The tough leathery boat-shaped follicles remain on the tree for months, exposing their yellow seeds.
The large light-green glossy leaves are variously lobed or entire.
The tree can reach over 30m and its cylindrical trunk gives a characteristic hollow sound when knocked.
Branches and young trunks are green.

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Soaked seed germinates easily but with erratic timing.