Auranticarpa rhombifolia - Hollywood
(syn. Pittosporum rhombifolium)
Family: Pittosporaceae

Also known as Queensland Pittosporum, Diamon-Leaved Pittosporum and White Holly.
Auranticarpa means "gold fruit".
Attractive tree 8-10m but known to reach 25m in high nutrient soils.
Masses of white flowers in summer followed by attractive large tight clusters of bright orange fruit capsules which are visible for months from late summer to spring.
Inside each are 2-3 shiny black seeds.
The bright green leaves are smooth and diamond-shaped, usually with several irregular teeth.
It occurs commonly in dry and subtropical rainforest and in vine thickets.

In the open it remains small and develops a distinctive lollipop shape.
Rich soil and plenty of water speed up early growth and ensure a dense silhouette.
Fruits collected ripe should be dried to split the capsule and the black seed then planted without delay.
Germination may take 2-3 months.

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