Argyrodendron trifoliatum - White Booyong
Family: Malvaceae/Sterculiaceae

Majestic large buttressed tree up to 40m with finely fissured bark .
Spreading crown.
Silvery under leaves.
Papery winged seeds that fall to the ground and exude a sticky gel which absorbs water and delays desiccation.
The small bell-like creamy flowers fall in great numbers in winter.
From below, the trifoliate leaves appear pale coppery due to tiny scales on the leaf undersides.
Booyong is an Aboriginal name for the tree in northern NSW.
Felled extensively for its attractive timber, named Tulip Oak.
It is common in many of the remaining warmer rainforests on richer soils.

Slow growing and requires some shelter at first but has beautiful foliage that flushes with red-bronze new growth.
Fruit is produced only every few years.
Seed germinates readily if less than one week old.

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