Alyxia ruscifolia - Prickly Alyxia
Family: Apocynaceae

Ornamental prickly tree to 3m.
White fragrant flowers.
Bright orange fruit.
Great bird habitat.

The bright orange, red or sometimes black fruits can occur in any month.
Their peculiar end-to-end arrangement gives its common name Chain Fruit.
The pure white propeller-shaped flowers are sweetly fragrant.
Stiff whorls of 3-6 glossy prominently veined and prickly leaves are held upright on a dense bush, generally 1-2m tall but sometimes up to 5m.
A milky sap, common to this family, is present in leaves and twigs.
From sea level to 1500m this adaptable plant is found in all types of rainforest, and on its edges.

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